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Top Tips to Help You Avoid Being Scammed

It is a good idea to take time to think about how you can be financially safe. However, the scammers out there have become so smart that it becomes easy to fall into their traps.

Set Up Text Alerts

scam alertIf you like keeping a smartphone near you and like checking it often, it can be your first line of defense against fraud. Usually, it is free to sign up with your bank or credit card provider to receive text alerts whenever your card is used. This can save you headaches. After using your card, you will get an alert telling you that your card has been used.

Do Not Give Financial Information Over Phone

Usually, financial institutions will not call you to ask for financial information over the phone. Instead, they will send a letter. Even if a caller claims to be from customer service or a fraud department, you should not share any information with them. Just hang up and contact the customer support yourself to find out whether the problem is real. You should not contact any other number given to you by the purported support.

Do Not Believe Everything

Anytime you see an advertisement by someone you know or even a celeb, you need to be careful. You should check the official website of that person and see whether the service or product that is being promoted is there. You should never trust; you ought to verify.

Learn Financial Safety Habits

The process of protecting your financial data and information ought to be an ongoing job. Even if you are retired, you have to learn to stay ahead of the fraudsters. Therefore, you should take advantage of the different tools and resources available.

Check Your Credit Reports

digital fraudEach month, you should request a credit report. Remember that you can get a free report annually from different credit bureaus. When you send your inquiries on a routine basis, you are monitoring your financial data throughout the year.

Change Passwords

You should consider creating new passwords twice annually. It is a good idea to use two-step authentication. In this case, you are not only using your username and password, but also codes. This can help you to keep your different accounts safe.

Benefits of Hiring a Loss Assessor for your Insurance Claim

Broken roof

A loss assessor is a very important person if you want to get a successful compensation for your insurance claim. The only way to know how much your loss is worth is by hiring a qualified Loss Assessors to estimate losses. Filing an insurance claim is one thing but getting compensated for your loss is a whole different story.

What does a loss assessor do?

Assess the extent of damageman using calculator

With a qualified assessor, it might be difficult for you to know the extent of your damage. Loss Assessors are professionals in the field, and they have the required skills and expertise to properly assess the damage. You don’t want a case where you are getting less than what you deserve.

An assessor is capable of knowing how much your loss is worth, and this makes sure that you receive compensation for what you deserve. Assessing damage on your own can never give you the exact figure.

Communicate on your behalf

Doing communication on your behalf is one thing that a loss assessor is good at. Sometimes dealing with insurance companies can be difficult especially if you don’t have the experience. This is where the assessor comes in to help.

He/she will be involved in passing information and reduce the stress of having to follow up with the insurance company. Following an insurance claim can be time-consuming and tedious especially if you are doing it on your own.

Help negotiate for settlement

After assessment of the loss, the next thing is the settlement for the losses that have been incurred. The work of a loan assessor is to make sure that they help you negotiate for settlement so that you can get what you deserve.

Most of the time it might be difficult to come into agreement with the insurance company on the type of settlement that you want but with an insurance company, it becomes easier for you.

Get settlemereading paper in the rain nt in the fastest way

A loss assessor is someone who takes your claim and works on it tirelessly. Putting in mind the work of a loss assessor is to do the job of making sure that you are compensated, they do it in the fastest way possible.

Insurance claims can be notorious and sometimes they might for years if you are not careful. To make sure this does not happen, make sure you get a loss assessor to push the claim for you.

Benefits Of Investor Relations Consultancy Services

Laptop and smartphone

Investor relations are a key part of business operations as it enhances the overall oversight of the business by keeping the interests of investors in the forefront. Most progressive firms embrace a very strict investor relations strategy that covers a variety of facets such as tracking investor perceptions, marketing, management, financial reporting and proper communication of the firm’s corporate events and news. However, bringing on board an expert in investor relations consultancy the firm gets to understand the expectations of their investors and how best to act in fulfilling set goals and objectives for the benefit of the business. The life sci advisors will assist you get the maximum benefits of the investment opportunities. Hence, some of the benefits that accrue from investor relations consultancy are;

Better communication

hand and EURO plant

Consultancy in investor relations acts as a pillar through which a firm can improve on how it communicates with its investors on important issues that involve its operations. The consistency in communication ensures that the investors place a great deal of trust to the management of the firm and are willing to fund the business further when required. Moreover, the investor relations consultancy assists the management to communicate with institutional investors more objectively on challenges faced by the business and how they have chosen to tackle it. Additionally, investor relations consultancy guides the firm on how to propagate the shared vision of the business such that the existing or potential investors are always informed on the progress made and the future of the business.

Improved research and analysis

Most investor relations consultants have a very wide understanding of the business environment and trends in the market. Moreover, they have tools and teams that can collect data and analyze it accordingly for the benefit of the business. Hence, investor relations consultancy brings on board huge resources of market intelligence that can be used as the basis for making fundamental decisions. Improved research will assist to engage investors better by meeting their specific needs and remaining profitable as a company.

Investor targeting

Bag of Money

Importantly, investor relations consultancies enhance methods through which one engages with existing or potential investors. Investor relations consultancy equips the business with knowledge of how to access investors, make shareholder analysis, profile governance and corporate fact sheets in a manner that attracts the interest of investors. Additionally, consultants assist the business in improving on its public relations strategies such that it the brand image and public relations are quite profound. Moreover, consultants address the internal corporate culture and assist the management to make changes that optimize value to investors who become interested in joining in.

Alternative Business Finance Solutions

Man and numbers

The main setback to the growth of a small business is finance. Cash flow troubles seem unavoidable. Small businesses look for alternative solutions to succeed. The Merchant Money business finance providers offer alternative business finance solutions. Merchant money offers solutions to finance problems.

Best tips

Pay As You Trade Product

Merchant money considers paying as you trade a revolutionary product. Pay as you trade is flexible sine it has no fixed repayment terms. US dolalrsThe repayments are adjustable basing on future earnings of the business. Pressurizes repayment plans cripple the cash flow of small businesses.

The revolutionary pay as you trade product unsecured advances. The progresses up to £50,000 and is based on future credit and debit card sales. The amount is paid in installments. A small percentage of the daily transactions are deducted until the amount is recovered. Merchant money charges only a simple pre-agreed fee which is added to the cash advance.

Pay As You Trade product allows businesses to pay only when they earn. There is no time limit to repayment. The company is authorized to pay at their pace as they advance. There are no fixed repayment terms hence a business doesn’t have to worry about missed payment.

Application process

In merchant money, the application process for any product is guaranteed fast and straightforward. There is no fees or obligations on the use of any product. The approval rate is 90% guaranteed. There are no fixed or monthly repayments. You only pay when able to pay. Repayments to pay as you trade are never cash but only connected to card sales. There are no hidden extra payments no admin fees. To qualify for Pay As You Trade, you must have been in business for more than six months.

Business Loans

Merchant money offers business loans up to £100,000. The loans are available for 1 to 24 months. Obtaining a loan is guaranteed to be fast and flexible. Repayment terms are engineered to suit the business needs. They discuss terms with the business owner to make sure they are convenient. They cater for needs including cash flow concerns. You can recover your loan early without additional fees. A company can reduce its interest by paying more monthly. The only requirement to getting a loan is telling them about your business. The application process is fast, and there is a 90% chance of approval.


US dolalrsTo qualify for a business loan, you must be the UK registered. The company should also one-year audited trading accounts. The directors must be over 18 years. The application for a loan is guaranteed fast. The terms of repayment are flexible, and business plans are not required.

Merchant money has successfully helped businesses to grow. They consider their growth as their sole priority. They ensure their financial solutions are convenient for use. Their solutions are so far the best.

The Roles Of A Tax Accountant

Calculator and accounts paperwork


Wherever you might be and happen to be running a business, you might be in search of a tax accountant.There are also many good accountants available countrywide. But not all people engaged in business would agree that they need an accountant.

There are different kinds of accountants, but the most hired in the field of business are the tax accountants. If you are not familiar with tax paying and other papers and due dates to remember in filing tax declarations and end year reports, then these reasons alone are more than enough for you to hire a tax accountant. Below are the responsibilities and functions of a tax accountant:

Studying tax laws

Taxes in a house Tax accountants mainly focus on accounts that have something to do with tax. Traditional accounting is quite similar to tax accounting, but in the traditional accounting, it needs to maintain general accounts. A crucial function of tax accountants is that they must be familiar with the tax laws and the accounting principles for tax purposes. This area is different from a general accountant because tax accountants also include in their documentation permit cash, accrual and lots more.

Review and perform business tax obligations

An upper-level tax accounting position is referred to as a tax accounting consultant. With the several duties and functions of a tax accountant, the primary role is to review and perform a business’ tax obligations and compliances. Furthermore, a tax accountant is responsible for informing the concerned departments and personnel the tax development or changes for that matter that can affect the business.

Keep up with recent tax laws

If we come to think of it, a tax accountant’s job is indeed challenging and is not easy which explains why a lot of firms rely on tax accountants. To be a tax accountant means being knowledgeable about the newest laws on taxation of the government. Those who are in the field of tax accounting should be able to keep up with the most current local, federal and state tax issues that can affect the business.

Filing taxes

calculator It is paramount to understand the legal aspects of company transactions most especially when it comes to Financial Services & Income Filing on time to avoid penalties and other issues. Therefore, we can say that a good tax accountant is someone who has focus and can get the job done in time.

You might think that hiring an accountant will only mean you will have to shell out more money but you may want to think again because you might only end up spending more because of the mishaps that could happen if you do not have an accountant to assist. Whether big or small business, you may want to consider the functions mentioned above of a tax accountant and allow it to benefit you and your business.

Benefits of the merchant cash advance

cash in hand

A merchant cash advance is a form of financing that is made for business owners who need quick finance. Unlike another form of financing like bank financing, you do not need to have collateral or a good credit score to qualify for the loan. By taking a merchant cash advance, the money will be paid from future credit card sales of the business. The method of repayment of the cash in advance is from the sales made by the company through the credit card. You don’t have to worry about this because only an agreed amount is deducted and not the full amount.

Why take the merchant cash advance?

No need for collateral

You will be surprised how many businesses fail to access loans due to a poor credit score or lack of collateral. Collateral can be a big problem especially if you are just starting out in business. The best thing with merchant cash advance is the fact that you don’t need all these to access business financing. You can get the money that you want to finance your business without going through the stress involved with other financing institutions.

hands with US dollars

Easy process

When looking for financing as a business owner, the long process involved can be frustrating. You need an easy process that will help you get money without a lot of paperwork and processes. The first step is getting submitting the application together with some few business transactions. After the assessment, you will be approved for the cash advance. The process of collection is also easy when repaying the cash advance.

Quick money

There are instances when you need to get money as quick as possible. At this time, it is impossible to get money from commercial banks or the traditional financial institution. You need to look for a financier that will give you money in the shortest time possible. Merchant cash advance will give you money in the shortest time possible because there is less paperwork involved in the process.

POS and credit card

Easy repayment

With a merchant cash advance, you can be guaranteed of easy repayment. The money is deducted from the credit card sales, and this means that every time you make sales, the money is deducted. When you make low sales, then you don’t have to pay a lot of the cash in advance.

Benefits of Investing in Physical Gold

Gold on scale

Gold is one of the most precious metals available in the world. People appreciate the importance of gold not only for the high value but also beauty. The reason for the popularity of gold is due to the high returns it offers and the fact that it is accepted worldwide. Gold is available in various forms like gold coins, gold bars, and other forms. You can consult this gold investing company to learn more. It all depends on the type of physical gold that you want to keep. Always make sure that you keep your physical gold in a safe place considering that it is very valuable and might be stolen.

Why you should own physical gold

No currency fluctuationsgold coins

If you are looking for an investment that won’t be affected by currency fluctuations, then you need to invest in gold. If you decide to trade in gold, you can always look for the best country to trade with. This is because gold is an internationally accepted commodity that can be sold in any country of the world.

Sometimes the prices of other commodities are affected by the changes in the economy, but gold prices stay stable most of the time. If you are not attracted by the price of a particular country, you can always sell it in a country that offers better returns.

Better than liquid cash

If you are looking for the type of investment that will allow you to keep your wealth safe, then gold is one of the ways to store your wealth. With the recent collapse of banks all over the world, it is always advisable to look for a commodity that won’t be affected by changes in the financial and bank sector. If banks collapse and people lose their money, you will be safe if you store your wealth in the form of gold.

Rare and ready comGold barsmodity

Gold is a precious commodity that is rare to find, and this means that those who own the commodity have an upper hand when selling. If you own gold, you will be the determinant in selling negotiations because you own the commodity.

Since this is a rare commodity, the price of gold keeps increasing. After investing in gold, you can be sure that there is no day that the market will poor in such a way that you sell your gold at a loss. When selling gold, you can always be guaranteed to make a profit.

Things To Avoid When Applying For Business Loans

Business people

Recent studies show that small business owners are knowledgeable and hard working people in the world. This is because they have great dreams and there is nothing that can get in their ways. Unfortunately, these motivated and driven people find out that some operational functions are not done correctly. Since business owners want to move quickly, some details may be overlooked. This makes your business not to run as it is required to.

Applying a business loan is one of those operational functions, which small business owners cannot seem to be in control. These are tips to help you apply for a business loan.

Banks do not want to riskdollars

Nowadays, lending institutions and banks do not want to take any form of risk whatsoever. In fact, the great recession spooked lenders not to give money to any person or business which does not meet the criteria they are looking for. Thus, you need to know the underwriting guidelines of the bank. You should not be intimidated by loan officers or banklån. If you understand the guidelines and processes, it will be easy to get the loan you are looking for.

  • Do they need a particular personal credit score?
  • Do they check the number of years you have been in business?
  • Do they want an excellent business credit score?

After you find out the guidelines they need, you need to work within those guidelines. Never just walk into a banking mall and apply for a loan without knowing their underwriting rules.

Not knowing your credit score

The credit scogroup on people re is one of the most important factors in determining whether you are approved for a business loan or not. The majority of banks require you to have the great credit score to qualify for a loan. Thus, you should check both business and personal credit scores first. You risk when you apply for a business loan without knowing your credit scores. This can also affect your future chances of qualifying for a loan in the future. If you are denied by one bank, you may end up being denied by all banks. You should do yourself a favor and understand the numbers before another person does.

Several loan applications

Nowadays, thousands of small business owners are looking for loans to run their businesses. Also, loan officers are paid in commission. This means that they get payment after closing the loan. With these two, it is possible to assemble a good loan package for your business.

Portable credit and debit card terminal

Credit cards

Do you own a small business or are you an online entrepreneur? If so you may need a way to receive payment from your customers. It is not easy to get a merchant account these days as there are many documentation requirements and the fees that many financial institutions charge are just not practical. In fact, many of the banks will also charge you huge refund fees if there is a problem with a sale you have made. This is where Square payment processing is unique and with the square rates you can be assured of no hidden charges.

What is square?credit card and POS terminal

It is a portable credit and debit card swiping terminal that you can use together with your phone or tablet. It works on both iOS and Android operating systems and is easy to use. Square is the best way for any entrepreneur to get paid for the services or products they offer.

Mobile payment systems

Mobile and contactless payment systems are growing extremely popular these days. Square is in fact, one of the oldest payment systems around. With more people using plastic and not cash for their shopping and payments, having a card terminal is necessary. You can accept all major cards including, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB and many others with you use the square. There is also a bigger model that includes NFC, and you can even connect a receipt printer to it.

Who is it for?

Are you the owner of a shop or an online business? Do you have a need to accept payments on the go? If so this system is for you. It is also a great option for sales people of large companies to have and receive payments while on the go from their customers. It is easy to use and can process payment even if it is not connected to the internet.

credit cards How to get one?

If you want to get one of these payment processing devices, you can easily register online. There are a few simple questions that need to be answered, and you will have to describe the nature of your business briefly. Once you have entered these credentials, you will be sent one by mail for free.


The charges for swiping and dipping a credit or debit card are a standard 2.75% while entering a number manually will be charged at a higher rate due to the increased risk.

Features of Umbrella Firms

group of people in suits

Umbrella firms refer to the companies that act as agency contractor to workers and usually work under a contract that is typically fixed. The contracting company usually expects work to be completed within the requested timeframe. The employment recruitment agency is located in the United Kingdom. The contracts are issued to the limited companies since the liability of the business is reduced as a result. The invoices and other financial statements are delivered by the umbrella firms. Most owners work around the clock to have the best umbrella company. Once the payments of the invoices are made, they will pay the contractor through PAYE. They also have the added benefit of offsetting some of the income by claiming some of the expenses like accommodation, meals, and transport.


PAYE Umbrella

The PAYE umbrella is whereby the contractor becomes the employee of the umbrella enterprise. Usually, the timesheets are submitted to world mapthe umbrella firms who in turn invoice the agency for the work that has been done. The employees are then usually paid as PAYE employees less the fee that is charged by the umbrella firm

Employees are allowed to claim the necessary expenses like meals and accommodation. Care should, however, be taken on the umbrella businesses that advertise expense policies that have been approved by the Inland Revenue or the special dispensations. These enterprises that claim that they do allow expense claims without the need of proof should be avoided like a plague. This is one platform that many fraudulent companies use to avoid paying taxes. Employees working for an umbrella company usually take between 60 and 65 percent home. The other percentage is usually taken by the agency and the umbrella company.

Umbrella companies in the UK

The umbrella firms have become common in the United Kingdom since the government of Britain introduced the IR35. This legislation was created to test the employment status and the ability to utilize the small firm tax reliefs.

Offshore companies

the word projectThere are many offshore accounts which offer different products and services to the Britons, yet they are compliant with the set rules and regulations. What this means is that not all the off-shore accounts are not compliant. There are so many such companies that give their full remittance to the government.

For the few firms that are not compliant, the law will catch up with them sooner rather than later with the taxman tightening the noose on the loopholes of the existing legislation.

What are Binary Options?

man sitting and graph in background

Binary options refer to the trading where you get the entire payoff or completely nothing. The good thing about binary trading is that you do not have to own any asset to trade. Additionally, you do not only trade in one asset, but there are several assets. Some of the stocks are commodities, stocks, currencies and indices. Furthermore, binaries offer you simple ways to trade. An understanding of how binary trading occurs is vital for every trader.


How to trade

The trading binary option is simple because you only have to predict whether the price of an asset will go up or down. However, it may notman running on graph be as easy as you think. To succeed in this field, there are some things you have to do. First and foremost you need to open a trading account.

Always make sure that you go with a trusted broker. When choosing the agent, check for 24/7 customer support. A platform with excellent customer service means that you will get help anytime you encounter a problem with the system.

Binary signals

Nowadays, some signals alerts allow the trader to maximize his profits. To get started using the binary signals system, you need to sign up with a particular website. Once you sign up, you will be receiving alerts through SMS or email. The alerts will let you when it is the right time to trade so that you increase your profits. There is an increase in the number of the binary signal in the market; however, you need to make sure that you choose the suitable one for your needs. Improve your trading experience by making the right decision based on the binary signals.

Types of binary options

man walking up graph steps Binary options are available in different types. The high-low option is the most attractive option. Using this option, you are guaranteed of a fixed return. You will realize your return once the period expires. The high-low option is whereby you guess the price of the asset being traded. There are two main ways you trade can end.

The first is in the money (ITM); this means that you made an accurate prediction about the asset price. When the trade ends ITM, you get a profit but at a fixed rate. The second way the trade end is out the money (OTM), this whereby you make a wrong prediction. OTM will result in a loss since the price prediction has gone in a different direction than you anticipated.

Ways To Avoid Losing Money Trading Forex

US dollars

When trading Forex, it’s all about the basics. There are so many mistakes you can make that can easily be prevented by some advice from people who have made them and lived to tell the tale. To avoid such mistakes forex tools like tradeonix are very useful. So pay attention to these tips for success and implement them into your trading and you can be a survivor also.

Surviving forex trading

Be careful with demo accountscurrency signs

Though demo accounts are great for teaching you the ropes of Forex trading, they can be dangerous sometimes. Because they are not strictly realistic, they can give you unrealistic expectations or cause you to form impractical strategies.

Keep a broad perspective

Focusing exclusively on short-term investments and trading plans may work for a while, but in the end, you will end up losing money. You have to plan and have a goal for the future, as well as plans for the present.

Pay attention to technical conditions

You have to know if the market is over-extended short or over-extended long. Sudden changes or spikes usually occur during one of these extremes of conditions.

Don’t be fooled by temporary luck

Forex trading is never about luck. If things are going good and your investments are yielding great profits, do not get cocky or overconfident. You have to acknowledge the fact that sometimes you are bound to make mistakes, and you must always be on the lookout to avoid them.

Take you losses bravely

It is okay to be disappointed, mad, or sorry for a loss and a mistake, but don’t beat yourself up about it. And don’t sink into depression. Pull through it and continue trading. The best thing in the world to do is to examine your system and see where you went wrong so you can avoid doing it again in the future.

Set aside time for trading

You can’t trade sporadically. You need to have the time to think through decisions, to analyze the market, and to prepare your trading plans.

Trade for thDollar signe right reasons

Never trade just because you’re bored, and there doesn’t seem to be anything else to do. If there isn’t anything else to do, that means that there is no smart trade to be done in the market. So just be patient.

Make sure you have the right forex broker

Having the wrong broker will mess up everything in your Forex trading career. Make sure the broker you have is sufficient and will perform the task well.

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