Types of Contractor Surety Bonds in California

Types of Contractor Bonds

There are several forms of california contractor bond today. A surety bond is an insurance issued by a third party that guarantees the surety’s client’s support of its services. Therefore, if you hire a company to replace the roof of your house, you start the job and it means that the provider fails, along with the guarantee that the customer can claim compensation to get the job done. Most people understand one type of surety bond, which is the performance bond. It guarantees that a builder’s work will be completed by the contract and also protects you from commercial negligence, commercial fraud or non-performance. Aside from that, here are other types of contractor surety bonds you should know.

Types of Contractor Bonds

Bail Bonds

Another type of contractor bond that people should use is the bail bonds. The bail bond is a type of surety bond that ensures that the person accused of a crime will likely return to court to get a form when released from jail before the court. The bail agent is the provider of this bond, and the defendant would be the purchaser of the bond, and also the government takes on the task of the customer while waiting for the defendant to return to trial.

Custom Bonds

Custom bonds are bonds provided by importers stating that things being imported into the United States will comply with regulations and laws pertaining to that product and cover any import or customs duties required. This type of bond can be for a single imported shipment or renewable coverage for companies in the export business and consistently receive products.

Notary Public Bond

Types of Contractor BondsA Notary Public bond is another type of bond that you should also use. A notary public must be insured to ensure the proper performance of fiduciary duties to the public. As the notary can make a legal variety of documents, they must carry a surety bond to protect the projects and everyone involved.

Payment Bonds

Payment bonds are usually purchased by the customer and presented to the contractor who uses them as a promise to pay his solutions. Contractors may also purchase payment bonds to provide their subcontractors and suppliers with guaranteed payment protection.

License and Permit Bonds

Types of Contractor BondsLicense and permit bonds are the last types of bonds that the government issues to guarantee consumer protection and compliance with all applicable regulations or laws. If the key is deemed to be in default under any circumstances, the owner has the option of calling the surety to terminate the contract. In such cases, the surety has no choice but to send the contract to a new designated contractor.